Dawn's Quilting Clip Art

The quilt blocks on this page are free for you to use on your website. When not writing or quilting, I enjoy creating clipart based on quilt block designs. If you use my clipart, I would appreciate a link on your web site:  http://dlstewart.com (my home page) or to http://dlstewart.com/clipart.htm -- thank you.

Just "right click" on the image you wish to save. Then click on "Save Picture As".

Please do not place a direct link on your web page to any of these images. The images will change, and the blocks will disappear from your website. It's best to "right click" on each graphic and then select "Save Picture As."


Starry Path- www.dlstewart.com
Around the World- www.dlstewart.com
Dresden Plate- www.dlstewart.com
Buckwheat- www.dlstewart.com
Catch As Catch Can- www.dlstewart.com
Card Basket- www.dlstewart.com
Mary's Fan- www.dlstewart.com
Log Cabin- www.dlstewart.com
Art Square- www.dlstewart.com
Bread Basket- www.dlstewart.com
Boston Puzzle- www.dlstewart.com
Old Maid- www.dlstewart.com
Double Pinwheel- www.dlstewart.com
Brave World- www.dlstewart.com
Air Castle- www.dlstewart.com
Crown of Thorns- www.dlstewart.com
Hourglass III-www.dlstewart.com
Pine Tree I- www.dlstewart.com
Grandmothers Puzzle-  www.dlstewart.com
Storm Signal- www.dlstewart.com
CatsandMice- www.dlstewart.com
Duck & Ducklings I- www.dlstewart.com
Lady of the Lake II- www.dlstewart.com
Red Cross V- www.dlstewart.com
Linton- www.dlstewart.com
Cut Glass Dish- www.dlstewart.com
Rosebud- www.dlstewart.com
Spider Legs- www.dlstewart.com
Mosaic I- www.dlstewart.com
Merry Kite- www.dlstewart.com
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