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Dawn Lesley StewartHi!

This is my online quilting room. I intend to share my various quilting projects along with helpful sewing and quilting tips. I hope you'll join me for some fun fiber crafting. (Snippets of family life, my garden, and cat antics may sneak into posts.)

For years I kept telling myself I should write a blog. But family came first (I looked after my mom, and then cared for my dad before they passed away). And later group commitments, project deadlines, and other work interrupted any thought of blog writing.

So why write a blog now? I'm blaming it on my friend Lynn. (Yes, on you, Lynn!)

Lynn started working on the Dear Jane quilt project. She hosts a YouTube fibercast each Friday at 8:00 pm (Eastern Time). It's called Simply Colorful. Our Friday evenings have included mystery quilts, random sewing together, and even the occasional doll making and knitting session. And, of course, Dear Jane blocks. Watching her sew those blocks inspired me to join the fun..

So back to Dear Jane. For those not familiar with the project, it consists of sewing 225 square quilt blocks along with the border settings. That is a lot of blocks! I need motivation. So I thought this is the perfect time to start a blog. I can embark on my Dear Jane journey as well as work on my other quilt projects, and share my adventures with quilting friends.

I've been quilting for over 35 years, and sewed for longer. My mother taught me to sew and hand embroider. Later I took sewing classes, primarily focused on fashion sewing. For quite a while, I sewed all my clothes, enjoying that I was wearing one-of-a-kind outfits. Then I took a quilting adult education course. Before I could blink, my fashion fabrics were relegated to the bottom of a growing quilt fabric stash. I have been quilting strong ever since.

Over the years, I have started quilting bees, gathering new friends who shared my quilting passion. I joined large and small quilt groups, loving the exchange of ideas and camaraderie. Quilt shows and quilt retreats were the new norm. I belong to a number of online quilting groups, too. I've taught others to quilt, and have enjoyed learning quilting techniques and sewing beautiful projects through classes and workshops.

I am also a writer. My picture book for children, Harriet's Horrible Hair Day, debuted in hardcover and is now available in paperback. I also wrote a paranormal mystery, Mist-Seer, and am working on another novel. With my love of sewing, it was only a matter of time before I started writing books about quilting. There are now three quilt books in the collection. I'm also proud to say that I am the only author to have written a comprehensive book about the quilt guild experience, everything from how to start a quilting group, to funding it, and how to make meetings entertaining and creative.

300-Plus Quilting Tips, Tricks & Techniques
The Quilt Guild Companion
101 Quilt Challenge Projects & Inspirations

For those of you wondering why this blog has no comments … it's because I want to be considerate. I don't have time to monitor and reply to all the posts. I figure I'm doing well to juggle the blog amid all of life's other commitments. 

I'm excited about this project. Thank you for joining me.

So let's grab some fabric and start sewing!


I adopted Andy from a local animal shelter. His original name was "Saint Andrew", but with his playful, mischievous nature, the "saint" quickly vanished. Andy has the habit of snatching my long tape measure and racing through the house with it. He also loves playing in noisy packing paper. He hides his toys in the bunches of paper, then he stalks them, acting all surprised when he finds his "prey".

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300-Plus Quilting Tips, Tricks & Techniques
The Quilt Guild Companion - For Every Quilter101 Quilt Challenge Projects & Inspirations

Harriet's Horrible Hair DayMist-Seer

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